FORESTED at The Chocolate Factory

UPCOMING: FORESTED by Amanda Loulaki
with lighting design by Joe Levasseur

April 9-12, 2014
Wednesday – Saturday @ 8pm

The Chocolate Factory
5-49 49th Avenue, Long Island City, NYC 11101
*7 train to Vernon/Jackson (1st stop in Queens – 5 minutes from Grand Central!)

Tickets available at

residency by Joe Levasseur

photo by Joe Levasseur

In FORESTED, Amanda Loulaki flirts with fragmented time, imagery, empty space, non-linear narrative and the extremities of a movement’s physicality. FORESTED is comprised of a series of vignettes incorporating autobiographical elements while presenting the body as a container of history, and the space as a container of the body.

FORESTED is the second work in a trilogy (the first part, UNTITLED, premiered at The Kitchen in 2012) that focuses on the ways in which the audience’s gaze can be directed in performance, and how that gaze affects the experience of time. Both works are solo investigations into the contrast between absence and presence, empty and filled space; moving between the subjective and the objective, allowing negative space and silence to be the conduit between emotional states and the telling of the artist’s story; and highlighting the ways in which those differences, when applied to the body, can impact our perception of reality. In FORESTED, the body becomes the camera lens through which the audience creates its own narrative.


In Residence at The Chocolate Factory
photos by Joe Levasseur







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