house of winds: a process for Untitled 2 at Gibney Dance

house of winds: a process for Untitled 2
February 2 – 4, 2017 at Gibney Dance
Thursday – Saturday at 8 pm, Saturday at 5 pm
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house of winds: a process for Untitled 2 examines the architectural relationship between the moving body and the space that contains it. The work builds a sensory environment in which all elements in the performance space become equal with the performer. In a random manner, the audience becomes the performer’s path. Presence is manifested through the realization that all that matters is the different ways in which we perceive reality. Pause gives meaning to time and sense to presence. In house of winds, “it is what it is” becomes the mantra.

house of winds: a process for Untitled 2 is the final section of a trilogy exploring the ways that an audience’s gaze can be engaged during performance using the body as the primary medium for this exploration.

Lighting Design: Joe Levasseur
Sound Score: Tei Blow
Set Design: Joanna Seitz
Dramaturgical Support: Lauren Bakst
Concept and Direction: Amanda Loulaki
Created in Collaboration with Pedro Osorio
Performed by Amanda Loulaki and Pedro Osorio

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Photos by Scott Shaw.
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