Created and performed by Amanda Loulaki
Sound score by Georgios Kontos with music by Giannis Aggelakas with permission by Alltogethernow
Visual context and costumes by Joanna Seitz
Lights by Joe Levasseur
Text by Amanda Loulaki

Premiere: The Kitchen
Feb 9-11, 2012

UNTITLED is an investigation of how the experience of time through imagery and movement can reconstruct reality. “Bereft of memory a person becomes the prisoner of an illusory existence, falling out time he is unable to seize his own link with the outside world” – Andrey Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time

Artistic intent for UNTITLED:

The impetus for the work is a desire to focus on the ways that reality can be reconstructed during live performance through fragmented time and imagery with the body being the medium. This work plays with the fine line between reality and narrative imagery. In my work I have been interested for the past years in the ways that the audience’s gaze can be engaged during performance and the ways that time is experienced.

At the extremes of a movement’s physicality and duration, emotional states surface from deep subconscious levels and intimate memories. For the creation of this work I employed improvisational structures to explore literally the emotional states that express the set of memories I am working with, and pushed their physicality to the edge. A narrative of images is presented as the ultimate performance.

“High Winds, a Rock Star Moment and a Touch of the Velvet Underground”
New York Times Review by Claudia La Rocco

“Take Them Disappearing”
Dance Beat Review by Deborah Jowitt

photo by Juliete Cervantes for the New York Times
All photos below by Ian Douglas
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